Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 gets free trial and expansion next week

With a dash of double XP on the side.

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It's been two months since Respawn revealed that we'd get a remastered edition of Titanfall's Colony map in Titanfall 2 this month, and now we know the specific date it's coming.

They've announced that the free expansion, imaginatively enough called Colony Reborn, will be released on March 30. It won't just include the new map, but also a R-101 with an ACOG scope, prime versions of Legion and Northstar, and a new execution called Curb Check (sounds painful). On the same day, we'll also have the option to buy some new cosmetic items, and enjoy a bunch of bug fixes, balancing tweaks, and other improvements.

Thought that was it? Far from it. If you don't own Titanfall 2 you might be glad to hear that there will be a free trial next week, which will start on March 30 and run through until April 3. This time, you're not just getting full access to multiplayer though, but also play the Training Gauntlet (please let us know if you become top three as well) and The Beacon mission.

Both old and new players will enjoy the last goodie we're getting next week, as we're getting twice the amount of experience points from March 30 through until April 2.

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Titanfall 2

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