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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 broke it's own Steam record this weekend

16,974 players went back to re-experience this standout shooter.

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Titanfall 2 had one of the strategically weirdest launches ever, as EA released it a week after their very own Battlefield 1 and just one week ahead of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This led to a brilliant game being sadly overlooked and it never got even remotely the audience it deserved, and it didn't exactly help only being on Origin for PC either.

But almost a year ago, it was finally released for Steam, and after some Titanfall related news recently like Titanfall content coming to Apex Legends and the FPS Boost for Xbox Series S/X last weekend, it seems like more people have finally discovered this gem.

As a result, it broke it's own Steam record for concurrent users during the weekend with 16,974 gamers at once. At the time of writing, it's roughly 9,000 people enjoying the game, which means you can easily find others to play with.

If you ever wanted to try this one out, now is probably the best time ever to do so since the launch. Until 19:00 today (Monday), it has a 75% discount on Steam, and it is also included with both EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

You can freshen up your memory regarding it's brilliance by checking out our review.

Titanfall 2

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