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Titan Station

Titan Station lets you explore a shocking discovery

It'll be coming to PC this November before also getting a PlayStation and Xbox launch.

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The Swedish veteran developer Joakim Larsen has been part of several major developers in Sweden like Dice, Paradox and Starbreeze. But this time he wanted to do his own dream project, and the result is Titan Station.

It has a 70s retro sci-fi theme on a space station located on Saturn's moon, Titan, and it's up to you to uncover a mystery and decide who you can trust, and who you simply shouldn't listen to. Here is the official synopsis:

"Far into the future, in the year 1999: David, a systems operator, runs from his troubles by taking a job on a space station. After arriving, his mundane work turns into a struggle for his very life as he makes a shocking discovery. "

Titan Station launches on Steam on November 11. There are also plans to launch it for PlayStation and Xbox, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Titan Station
Titan StationTitan Station
Titan StationTitan Station

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