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Tina Guo's cello will be heard in Minecraft Legends and Tomb Raider Reloaded

After working on Journey, Endling, Dune, or Top Gun, the musician talks with Gamereactor about recent and upcoming works.

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We at Gamereactor were looking forward to talking with Tina Guo for a while as her cello has been part of many of the games and movies we know and love for the past few years. Earlier this month we were finally lucky to align an interview between our European and her Los Angeles time zones and here's the full conversation:


At the beginning of the video "big Christmas fan" Tina recalls her work with her friend Rusanda Panfili on the recently-awarded Endling, a game in which, precisely, every fox cub is represented by an specific instrument. They both met performing with Hans Zimmer, the renowned soundtrack composer and mentor to Guo being the second talking point in the interview.

Speaking of well-known musicians, Tina also recalls the development of her Dies Irae album and of course the impressive collaboration with System of a Down's Serj Tankian, as she describes how natural and improvised was the work with the singer on the "Moonhearts in Space" track and the creation of its futuristic video.

"I recorded for Tomb Raider Reloaded and recently I've been recording for Minecraft Legends which is coming out next year", Tina confirms in terms of upcoming games including her strings in the soundtrack. "Dune and Top Gun obviously already came out, we're starting Wonder Woman 3 next year", she adds besides Shazam! Fury of the Gods and the Flash in terms of movies, together with Hulu's Boston Strangler ("I am the sound of the murderer, of course") and CBS's SEAL Team.

Elsewhere the musician also recalls how she worked with Austin Wintory on the then-small Journey, how she's always trying to adapt cello to metal music, and how the ancient Chinese erhu differs as a string instrument.

Tina Guo's next own work is called Water Phoenix and will fuse Chinese and Viking influences. She will also tour around Europe with Hans Zimmer starting April 2023 and you can check your local dates here.

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