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TimTheTatman has signed with Complexity Gaming

The influencer has joined his first esports organisation.

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Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar has announced that he has signed to an esports organisation, marking the first time the influencer has joined with an organisation. The company that he has signed with is Complexity Gaming, the North American-based team who is part of GameSquare Esports, an agency of the Dallas Cowboys NFL franchise.

"Joining the Complexity team has been an amazing journey," said TimTheTatman. "I've followed Complexity's success and I am impressed with their commitment to winning in top-tier esports and the loyalty of their fans. The connection with the Dallas Cowboys and the support of Jerry Jones is outstanding. I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan so this is a special opportunity within esports. My tour of the Complexity headquarters at the Star in Frisco was world-class; no esports facility comes close. When Complexity and GameSquare invited me to join the team, it was an easy yes. Jason Lake has built an amazing team at Complexity and Justin Kenna is building something special at GameSquare. I am excited to get started."

TimTheTatman, GameSquare and Complexity will work together on a range of initiatives, including a merchandise range, meet-and-greets, and even collaborations with athletes and celebrities.

There's no word on how long TimTheTatman has signed with Complexity for.

TimTheTatman has signed with Complexity Gaming

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