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Tim Willits joins Saber Interactive

The former studio director at id Software has decided to join the developers of games like World War Z, Spintires: MudRunner and NBA Playgrounds.

Tim Willits, the former studio director at id Software, shocked our beloved industry when he announced his plans to leave the company after QuakeCon. He didn't want to say where he would be going next back then, but now we finally know.

Willits has posted a message on Twitter revealing that he's now the chief creative officer at Saber Interactive. He elaborates on the decision in an interview with Fortune, stating that:

"Being with a studio for 24 years, it's really hard to leave. It's almost like a marriage, for lack of a better description.... [But] I saw how Saber, as a team, was starting to grow and expand and pick up teams and studios. It was a good time to move over."

This insight into Saber's inner workings probably comes from the fact that the studio has helped id Software develop Quake Champions, so it seems like he saw something he liked. Then it's not a bad idea to lead the creative vision of Saber's five studios around the world. Who knows, maybe we'll even see something sooner than expected, as Willits has this to say about his move from Bethesda:

"I'm not saying anything bad about Bethesda—I love them—but smaller teams are exciting and fun. When someone has a good idea, we jump on it. If it doesn't work out, we change it quick."

A World War Z sequel with some Willits-magic isn't something we'd say no to. How about you?

Tim Willits joins Saber Interactive

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