Tim Schafer promises to show Psychonauts 2 in July
Psychonauts 2

Tim Schafer promises to show Psychonauts 2 in July

Fear not, Psychonauts fans - the long-awaited sequel is set to be shown this Summer according to Tim Schafer.

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One of the most intelligent games of all time was Tim Schafers masterpiece Psychonauts. It was released back in 2005, and since then, people have been waiting for a sequel. The good news is that it has already been announced, but the bad news is that this happened 2015 and since then we really haven't heard much at all.

Fortunately, Double Fine and the legendary boss, producer and just overall awesome guy Tim Schafer, had som god news during the weekend. In a video called 'Self Isolation Update with Tim!', he says we can expect "beautiful, exciting, psychedelic Psychonauts 2 gameplay" in July, and continued:

"As our good pal Matt Booty announced yesterday on Inside Xbox 20/20, there will be an XGS focused showcase in July, and Psychonauts 2 will be a part of it, oh yes!"

Double Fine became a part of Xbox Game Studios last year, but Psychonauts 2 is still a game that will be released Playstation 4 outside PC and Xbox One. We assume there will also be an Xbox Series X version of the game, but if Playstation 5 get the same treatment is unknown - but you will, of course, be able to play it on the console regardless thanks to backwards compatibility.

Psychonauts 2

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