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TIM reborn as Khosmium, a Play to Earn MOBA, RPG and RTS

The Immortal Mystics reinvents itself with a new business model and taking advantage of more than 6 years of development as a AAA game.

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The Immortal Mystics was a mix of MOBA, RTS and RPG developed by Mindiff Technology. The Spanish developer, based in Malaga and Mallorca, has been working for more than six years on a AAA title that wants to shake up the esports scene like never before. But it has changed its plans.

New name, new business model, but the same focus. TIM has become Khosmium and, although it is going ahead with the same development, mechanics and premise, it comes with the promise of being the first of its kind to enter the Play to Earn (P2E) field. Yes, games that give players the chance to obtain money through the blockchain and technologies such as NFTs.


All those P2E elements have been introduced in the last six months, the team explained. Through them, users who own GameFi tokens will be able to "craft materials, perks or consumable items" that can be used "to create in-game NFTs or use them in other game features". On their official website, they add that rewards will be earned by completing quests, meeting daily, weekly or monthly goals and by other means.

'Staking', 'yield farming' and other common concepts in the cryptocurrency industry are mentioned too when talking about Heroes, gear and other elements that make up the more than 143 different NFTs available in the game. It's an unusual premise in an unknown market that we'll soon be able to explore, as Mindiff Technology confirmed they're planning a beta test for Khosmium for the last quarter of the year, following a playable alpha in Q2 2022.


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