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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

TIM and eFootball.Pro showcase 5G's impact on esports

Mobile gaming is also set to improve its playability, accessibility, and latency issues, as showcased by eFootball.Pro and TIM.

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The coming together of faster mobile internet like 5G and a more involved esports experience is the works at football esports company eFootball.Pro and TIM, an Italian home and mobile phone service provider, who are looking to further the experience for budding online gamers.

The new developments were put on show in Barcelona, at the Mobile World Congress event, highlighting how players on the go could get involved with esports stars. A demo was showcased, allowing attendees to compete against esports athletes, or to watch the experience as it happened in a more dynamic way. This included low latency viewing, a multi-mosaic viewing feature, and 4K/8K UHD resolutions.

TIM's innovation Vice President, Attilio Somma, said: "We aim to satisfy player's needs by providing a more realistic and performing gaming experience". This was put to the test, at least in a convention environment, by allowing visitors to compete remotely against PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) players like PaUUU24, who are located offsite at Highvideo Studios.

Are you interested in the advancement of esports using 5G?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
Photo: eFootball.Pro

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