TikTok is suing the US

It's claiming that the American user base are having their free speech rights revoked.

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Following the passing of a law that required Chinese owner ByteDance to either sell off the social media or remove it from the US, TikTok has decided to fight back, and is taking the United States of America to court.

In the lawsuit filing, ByteDance has called the law an "extraordinary intrusion on free speech rights." As free speech rights are protected in the First Amendment of the US Constitution, it's clear TikTok is going for the angle of it being a right for people to be able to express themselves on the platform.

ByteDance has no plans to sell TikTok, and will continue this fight in the courtroom to ensure it keeps hold of the 170 million US users of TikTok. US lawmakers have criticised the platform for dumbing down users and selling data to China, while others have critiqued lawmakers for only pushing against TikTok following large amounts of pro-Palestinian content on the platform.

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TikTok is suing the US

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