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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Tiger Woods skipping a year?

Rumoured cost saving measures at EA Sports.

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Kotaku reports that EA have decided not to release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 and instead skip a year. Originally the plan was to have a team at EA Tiburon start on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 for next gen platforms, while Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 was outsourced to another studio. However, according to Kotaku's sources this plan has been scrapped, while no in-house team has stepped and the likely result is that we won't see a new Tiger Woods title early next year like we've grown used to. Of course, EA could speed things up with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 and move it up to a fall release next year, perhaps - so it may be that the series won't skip a number. Now where's my NBA Live?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

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