Thunder Lotus Games details 2021 roadmap for Spiritfarer

The spirit-ferrying indie title has plenty coming for this year.

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Thunder Lotus Games has recently revealed the 2021 roadmap for their spirit-ferrying title Spiritfarer. Over the course of this year, we can expect another four new Spirits, alongside various other pieces of content and quality of life adjustments, all split over three major updates.

In Spring 2021, the first will arrive, bringing the Spirit Lily; more Stella story content; improved co-op play; and some quality of life improvements.

Summer 2021 will add the Spirit Beverly; new boat buildings, collectibles, and recipes; and will bring various other quality of life changes.

Then to round out the year, the Fall 2021 update will add the Spirits Jackie and Daria; a new island; more boat buildings and resources; and even a new event.

Further details regarding everything coming in this event, including a brief look at each Spirit is included in the roadmap post, so be sure to head over to the link above if you want to check out the interesting characters coming later this year.


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