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Thumper is an intense and physical "rhythm violence game"

We talk to two former Harmonix developers about their new game.

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A little while back, we spoke to Marc Flury and Brian Gibson of Drool LLC, the development team behind the simple but intense looking Thumper. The game will launch at some point this year, and will be available for PC and Playstation, with support for PSVR.

From the gameplay we've seen, the game looks really unique even amongst rhythm games, and it seems that is what the developers were after themselves: "We call Thumper a rhythm violence game," says Marc Flury. "So it's a rhythm game but it's really stripped down and simple and we've tried to make it as intense and physical as possible. The player controls a space beetle that's hurtling down this one-lane track and you have to match different obstacles on the beat, or make turns. There's a lot of different rhythmically arranged obstacles you have to navigate."

"We really simplified everything, and everything is coming at you in one dimension," says Gibson. "So it's more about hitting everything at the right time rather than layering or having different lanes."

According to the Flury and Gibson, VR was an afterthought for the duo, having been barely in existence during much of the development period, but it seems that it makes for good fit for the game, so support was added.

"We were always interested in [VR]," says Flury. "When we started working on the game VR was just a fantasy, the technology didn't even really exist yet. We were always curious to see how it would work, and over the past few months we tried it, and we feel like the game is enhanced by it in certain ways."

"We were always originally trying to make it as overwhelming and have it be the most intense experience possible," says Gibson. "And I think VR just lets us take that further, and it really works well."

Thumper is set to release some time this year for both the PC and PS4, and we can probably expect there to be VR support on both platforms.


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