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Thumper gets new Play + mode, native 4K on PS4 Pro

Play as a golden beetle to get even faster.

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With PS4 Pro launched just today, studios and publishers try to point out potential visual improvements offered by their games on the system after update patch. Indie studio Drool LLC, doesn't want to be outdone, and reveals high definition psychedelic visuals from Thumper, one of the finest PSVR launch titles, as noted in our review.

The game, which is described as a "rhythm violence game" and can also be played without VR on both PS4 and PC (Steam), just got a new mode called Play+. With it, "players become the resplendent golden beetle. All nine levels of the campaign can be replayed to gain more points and reach even higher speeds. But die once, and it's game over". So, in other words, it's a more rewarding, but also a more difficult 'hardcore' mode, if you will.

In terms of graphics and PS4 Pro, Thumper now offers native 4K on TV screen and supersampling plus AA when on PSVR, both with the smooth framerate of 90fps. Here's a full 3840 x 2160 in-game screenshot of Thumper:


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"We revelled in the eye-catching scenery as much as we did as its demanding challenge."

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