Throwback Thursday: Ecco the Dolphin

How does Mega Drive's best-selling classic look, sound and play 22 years later?

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The rather popular Ecco the Dolphin saw release on Mega Drive back in 1992 and featured an interesting and promising concept (underwater puzzles, platforms and exploration with a graceful dolphin), but it never reached it's true potential. We recently gave it some tries, noticed what was going on after a while. And we're not talking about the weird alien-infused storyline, but the gameplay itself.

Cult classic? We don't think so. This adventure was as beautiful as it was difficult to control and understand, and game creator Ed Annunziata confirmed it was this way so kids couldn't finish it during a quick rental playthrough. Both Dreamcast entry (3D game Defender of the Future, by a different studio) and last year's revival attempt on Kickstarter called The Big Blue failed.

Music and graphics of the original were nice though, as you can check out with this Retro Gameplay.

Throwback Thursday: Ecco the DolphinThrowback Thursday: Ecco the DolphinThrowback Thursday: Ecco the Dolphin

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