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Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times now available on iOS and Android

The World War II-themed strategy game now has Android and iOS join its initial platform choice of PC.

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It wasn't just most of Europe who stood against the Nazi, but the Nazi's fellow countrymen as well. In the bleak setting of World War II Berlin, you will play against the resistance group who was against the Nazi, right in the underbelly of the devil itself.

Through the Darkest of Times now is available on Google Play and App Store after previously having released on PC earlier this year. Check out our review here and the trailer below.

Through the Darkest of Times

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Through the Darkest of TimesScore

Through the Darkest of Times

REVIEW. Written by Arya W. Wibowo

"It offers a solid strategy experience, however, the lack of consequence surrounding a number of key missions killed our motivation to take risks."

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