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Plan 8

Three new Pearl Abyss games are on their way

The developer has unveiled three new games ahead of Pearl Abyss Connect 2019, teasing us with what's to come.

Pearl Abyss, best known for its MMORPG Black Desert, has revealed three new games ahead of their press conference Pearl Abyss Connect next week. Plan 8, Crimson Desert, and DokeV are all set to be shown off in more detail on November 14, but we have brief descriptions for each.

Plan 8 is an Exosuit MMO shooter that will be the first game in the shooter category for the company. Minh Le has taken up the Technical Advisor role for this project, best known as the co-creator of the Counter-Strike franchise, and you can find out more on Plan 8 here.

DokeV, however, is a family-friendly MMORPG that has been taken on by former Black Desert Animation Director Sang-young Kim, and the official website gives you more details.

Last but not least there's Crimson Desert, which will take players into an open-world MMORPG set in an epic fantasy world. This game has been in production since 2018, with Jason Jung at the helm, and it too has its own site.

In addition to the new titles, Pearl Abyss has also revealed an upcoming closed beta and trailer for another one of their games, Shadow Arena. This fantasy arena fighter game will have hands-on gameplay available at the conference next week, and you can register your interest here.

For fans who cannot attend the conference, they will be able to tune into the company's official YouTube and Twitch channels. Viewers can expect to see trailers and more information about all the titles at the event, with things kicking off on November 14 at 04:00 GMT (05:00 CET).

Which of these titles looks interesting to you?

Plan 8

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