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Gears of War 4

Three Gears pro players suspended from Pro Circuit

All of them violated the league's code of conduct.

Gears Esports have suspended three professional players from the pro circuit due to offences committed during the first season. All three players were found to have violated the code of conduct, set out by the developers themselves.

First up is Christopher "Xcells" Hill, a former player for Enigma6, who has been suspended for "disrespectful language and behaviour at multiple events to staff and partners, disregard for match and media warnings at multiple events, and threatening behaviour to tournament staff." His ban will last for the entirety of the second season.

Kaid "GODPLAYS" Saleh, formerly of eUnited, has also been suspended, but only for the first three events of this upcoming season. His suspension is for "two physical alterations".

Nicholas "Red Icy" Cope is the third and final player suspended at the start of this season, but he'll only miss the first event of the season due to "involvement in a physical altercation/threatening behaviour." Interestingly, Red Icy plays for OpTic Gaming, one of the biggest and most popular console gaming organisations, and they won the final three events from the first season, so losing Icy could be a big blow to their chances during the first event.

One thing's for sure; esports is a serious industry and career and should be treated as such. Childish behaviour has no place at events like these, and it's good to see The Coalition putting their foot down and making sure the players and teams don't think they're bigger than the industry they compete in. Let us know what you think of these suspensions in the comments.

Gears of War 4

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