Three exciting rumours about the Xbox Games Showcase

It seems like there might be a shadow drop and a first confirmation that Microsoft will launch a portable Xbox.

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There are now only five days left until Microsoft has its Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday where they will show more about the future of Xbox. As expected, speculations are running hot and there are rumours about what will be shown from all kinds of insiders of different denominations.

One of the better ones, however, is Spanish eXtas1s, who previously managed to reveal several Microsoft-related things before anybody else, and now he's off and running with no less than three different scoops.

The first is that the Xbox Games Showcase will feature a so-called shadow drop, a game that is launched without ever having received an official release date. And it will apparently be a first-party title. We could imagine it's a title like Towerborne, the long-talked-about Gears of War collection, or perhaps the first Starfield expansion... but of course it could also be something completely new (like when Hi-Fi Rush got a shadow drop in January last year).

The second rumour claims that the Xbox launch of Octopath Traveler II is closer than many might think. According to eXtas1s, it will be released for Game Pass already this month. The game was released for PC, PlayStation and Switch last year and received great reviews, but the hype seemingly disappeared quickly. Hopefully, Game Pass can get more people to discover this wonderful Japanese role-playing game.

Finally, we have the third rumour that Microsoft will reveal that there is a portable Xbox coming. However, it will only be a teaser, which probably means that it will be a long time before it is actually released, but it would still be very exciting to have this confirmed.

It's worth pointing out that all of these are unconfirmed rumours and should be taken with a heap of salt - but as far as insiders go, eXtas1s is one of the better sources...

Three exciting rumours about the Xbox Games Showcase

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