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Gothic Remake

THQ Nordic confirms Gothic Remake is in the works

After positive survey results and a playable teaser turnout of 180,000 players, the Gothic Remake is officially happening.

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Gothic fans gather around, THQ Nordic has shared some good news.

Following the playable teaser that was live in December of last year, the publisher has revealed the statistics and survey results from the prototype build sessions and, as it turns out, a whopping 180,000 gamers played the Gothic Remake playable teaser and most seem to have liked what they experienced.

For those wanting to take a deep dive into the survey summary, it can be found here, but long story short - the Gothic Remake is happening.

The announcement was made on Twitter, with THQ Nordic stating the following:

"You, the fans, have spoken: The Gothic 1 Remake will happen!

After two months, more than 180k have played the teaser and almost 95% of you are ready for a new "old" Gothic".

Are you ready to revisit the realm of Gothic?

Gothic Remake

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