Darksiders III

THQ Nordic acquires Gunfire Games

Darksiders publisher THQ Nordic has acquired the studio behind the games, Gunfire Games.

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Gunfire Games, the studio that was founded by Vigil Games veterans, has been developing games in the Darksiders franchise for many years. Earlier today, Darksiders publisher THQ Nordic announced that it had acquired the studio along with all IP rights to the long-running series.

Having teamed up with Gunfire back in 2015 for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, the two parts have formed a lasting relationship and THQ Nordic states that the studio will remain an independent studio post-acquisition, with David Adams staying on as Gunfire CEO.

THQ Nordic also offered a funny little quote to welcome the studio to the THQ team: "We are stoked to have Gunfire on board and are very excited about our collaborative future and the projects we will realise together." "To put it in Fury's words: "Welcome to the family, I guess...".

Darksiders III

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