This year's Paris Games Week has officially been cancelled

Have you been planning to attend Paris Games Week this year? If so, your plans have now fallen through.

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We just learned that the 2020 Paris Games Week, the biggest french video game-related event that was initially supposed to start on October 23 and end on October 27, has been cancelled.

Here is what the promoters had to say about it:

"Dear gamers, it is with great emotion that we took the difficult decision to cancel this year's Paris Games Week that was supposed to take place from October 23 to October 27, and which would have been its 10th anniversary."

It is, of course not the first event that has been cancelled due to coronavirus. For the record, over 250,000 people have attended the event last year. We probably all remember that both E3 and Gamescom suffered the same fate. But still, if the PGW, that was supposed to take place in late October, has been cancelled, we might start to worry about other events. What do you think about it?

This year's Paris Games Week has officially been cancelled

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