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This week in LoL: The LCK, the EU LCS, and the NA LCS

The big leagues are in full swing, and we bring you the news from each.

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The big League of Legends leagues have started, the EU and NA LCS as well as the LCK, and there has already been plenty to talk about moving into 2017. Here we bring you the first of a weekly round up of all the action from LoL, including results, who's doing well, and who needs to up their game moving forward.


The EU LCS hasn't had too many games in comparison to those in Korea and North America, who have all played two games. G2 Esports and H2K, however, happen to be the teams that have played two games in the EU LCS, though, and have won both of them, putting them at the tops of Group A and B respectively, H2K not dropping a single game thus far to get there.

Unicorns of Love and Misfits are up there undefeated as well, with only one victory each, however, the latter of which fighting for a 2-1 victory over Giants Gaming to claim victory. Unicorns of Love, however, had a much more comfortable win over Team Vitality, however, winning 2-0, and leaving Vitality with all the other teams that have failed to secure wins in the first week, which include Origen, Fnatic, Giants, Roccat, and Splyce.


More matches were played in the NA LCS, however, and in joint first place in the table are FlyQuest and Cloud9, with two wins each to their name. Both were challenged by Team Dignitas and Team Liquid yesterday, however, who both claimed games against the table leaders after getting wins of their own the day before, but it wasn't enough, and FlyQuest and Cloud9 were too impressive to be defeated.

It wasn't doom and gloom for Dignitas and Liquid, though, as they sit in joint third with TSM, who beat Immortals and lost to Cloud9, and Phoenix1, who made up for a loss to Dignitas by claiming victory over Echo Fox. Also in joint third with one win and one loss are Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals, meaning that Echo Fox and Team Envy are joint bottom of the table - a less than impressive start and surely one that both will be looking to change this week.


Unsurprisingly, powerhouse SK Telecom T1 are off to a great start in the LCK, sitting atop the table with kt Rolster, defeating bottom of the table Jin Air GreenWings and Kongdoo Monster to get there. As with the NA LCS, there are plenty of teams in joint third, including Afreeca Freecs, MVP, Longzhu Gaming, ROX Tigers, and Samsung Galaxy.

BBQ Olivers, the new name for ESC Ever, have also got off to a reasonably even start, losing to strong side kt Rolster but also claiming a 2-1 win over MVP as well, sitting in joint third as well. Kongdoo Monster and Jin Air GreenWings will no doubt be unhappy with their first week, though, and they are playing again on Thursday and Friday against Longzhu Gaming and BBQ Olivers respectively, so they have until then to get their heads back in the game.

What did you make of the early action?

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