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League of Legends

This week in LoL: The LCK, the EU LCS, and the NA LCS

The giants are falling, and the shocks are plentiful.

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If you've been paying attention to the EU LCS up until now, you'll have noticed that two teams have been playing very well: G2 Esports in Group A, and Unicorns of Love in Group B. As per EU LCS rules, each team must play a team from the other group once, and this week saw the two teams finally face each other, but it was to be G2 Esports who came out victorious, sealing a 2-0 victory to make it seven games undefeated.

H2K also beat Giants 2-0, meaning that they now sit on the same amount of wins at Unicorns of Love in Group B, except with one more loss to their name. Roccat and Origen still have had no better luck, however, as their losses to Splyce and Fnatic respectively mean they still haven't got any wins between them, and sit at the bottom of their groups.


After riding high for so long, this was a week to forget for Cloud9. On Saturday they faced TSM, who have also been doing pretty well, and registered their first defeat of the split, with Bjergsen in particular playing very well. On Sunday facing Phoenix1 they must have been looking to reverse their luck, however, in a shock result they lost this match 2-0, meaning their record slips to eight wins and two losses, putting them level with TSM. This will surely be all the more galling as Cloud9 declined an invitation to IEM Katowice to focus on their LCS form.

As if this wasn't enough drama for one week, fellow high-flyers FlyQuest faced defeat at the hands of struggling Team Dignitas and then again by TSM, but their loss is everyone else's gain, as Phoenix1 are now equaling their record, and CLG is close behind. Team Dignitas' two wins last week, however, mean that they're doing a bit better, with four wins to their name.


In a week where good runs seem to be faltering and giants are falling, kt Rolster also suffered their first defeat this split at the hands of MVP, losing 2-0 on Valentine's Day. SK Telecom T1 took advantage of this though, winning their two matches against Samsung Galaxy and Longzhu Gaming to equal kt Rolster's record yet again.

Longzhu Gaming and Samsung Galaxy's losses this week means they've been caught up by MVP, so all three are now in third place behind. After a win and a loss this week, BBQ Olivers are now in sixth with as many losses as wins (four each), but with things this tight and little margin for error, these positions could easily switch around depending on next week's results.

League of Legends
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