This War of Mine

This War of Mine updates with scenario editor

Now you can tell your own stories.

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This War of Mine was one of the biggest surprises of last year. The gritty war game put you in middle of a warzone, but in the boots of a civilians trying to make it through the day. The game has just received a 1.3-update, and it includes scenario and character editors. So this might be a great opportunity to all those who want to tell their own stories about war through this game. The patch also includes two new locations and a couple of new music tracks.

Check out full list of changes of the patch here or underneath the picture.

This War of Mine

Patch 1.3 contents:
- Scenario Editor in which you can write your own stories of civilians in war. Pick up members of the group, length of the conflict, weather conditions and more - it's all up to you!
- Character Editor where you can shape civilians, their look, skills, biographies and then play with them in the game. You can even add your photo and be a part of the story.
- Two new locations: Old Town and Looted Gas Station. Of course they can be included in your scenario!
- Two new music tracks, designed for the night missions!

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