This War of Mine

This War of Mine gets story-focused DLC series

Father's Promise released today with more Stories to come.

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Today is the third anniversary of the release of 11 Bit Studios' This War of Mine. To mark this fact the Polish developer has released the first in a series of narrative-focused DLC packs for This War of Mine under the monicker Stories. The first chaper called Father's Promise where you play as Adam, a father trying to keep his daughter from harm, and escape the war and a city under siege. The story has been based on an audio-drama by Polish author Łukasz Orbitowski.


The Stories series does away with some of the survival aspects of the game to focus more on the narrative and Father's Promise is available now on PC for $1.99/€1.99, and the Stories season pass will set you back $4.99/€4.99. That's currently more than the base game which is available at 80% off the sticker price on Steam currently. There's no word yet whether the Stories series will be released on additional platforms.

This War of Mine
This War of MineThis War of Mine

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