The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This Skyrim mod gives one of its most well-known NPCs a dark twist

"Everything's for sale my friend. Everything. If I had a sister I'd sell her in a second."

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Among the many memorable NPCs that litter The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are few shopkeepers that leave an impression in your mind like that of Belethor, the general goods seller in Whiterun.

A sleazebag, generally, Belethor remarks if he had a sister he would've sold her when you speak with him. A new mod by wSkeever gives Belethor a sister, and unsurprisingly she did end up being sold by the merchant.

The mod gives you a quest to go and track down Lelaegh, Belethor's sister, and return her to Whiterun where she can take control of his store. It's not an easy quest, and requires that you travel to the Soul Cairn, which can be tricky unless you've completed a good chunk of the Dawnguard DLC.

Check out the mod here.

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