This mattress tells you how much you've been snoring

And attempts to automatically stop you.

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Smart technology is everywhere around you. Whether it's your fridge telling you when you're out of stock of an item, your watch tracking your heart rate, your air fryer cooking food without requiring much oversight at all, you can't go anywhere without feeling the loving embrace of technology, not even your own bed.

The intelligent folk over at Eight Sleep has now unveiled its latest smart mattress and this thing seems to be able to do a little bit of everything. The mattress can adjust its temperature depending on ambient temperature and your own body temperature, adjust its shape so you require less pillows and suffer from less back pain, wake you up with gentle vibrations, and even track how much you snore and attempt to stop.

Yep the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra mattress tracks how much you snore by reading vibrations through the mattress and then automatically elevates your head to stop or reduce your snoring without waking you up or your partner.

The catch of course with a do-it-all smart mattress like this is that it isn't cheap, and in the UK the Pod 4 is set to retail for around £2,499. The Ultra version goes up to £3,849, but then again if this is the price to pay for a decent night's sleep, it might be worth it to some.

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This mattress tells you how much you've been snoring

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