Elden Ring

This life-sized Malenia prosthetic has me ready to cut off my arm

It's 37.5 inches of polyresin that unfortunately can't act as a replacement of your own arm.

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As one of the hardest bosses in all of gaming, we all remember the time when we faced Malenia. She had never known defeat before our Tarnished stepped up to her, and unless you're an absolute god of gaming, it was a while before she did learn what it means to lose.

To immortalise Malenia, the people at PureArts have created a massive, 37.5 inch replica of her arm. Apparently, this is life size, which makes sense considering in game Malenia will tower over the player character. Not as much as some bosses do, but still enough to make sure she has the extra reach to make her even more difficult.

You can pre-order the arm now, and it comes with either a metal base or wall mount as your display options. There's a lot of detail in this model, and it has an accompanying price point of $389, even more than the Messemer the Impaler statue that comes with the Shadow of the Erdtree Collector's edition.

Elden Ring
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