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Battlefield V

This is what's in the day one patch for Battlefield V

DICE confirms the last minute tweaks being made before the doors open for one and all.

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Battlefield V is already out and about (but only if you've picked up an early bird edition of the game, the general launch is still November 20), and the day one patch (for PC and Xbox One) has already landed. For the most part, the update seems to be targeting a handful of bugs and issues with the stability of the build. Below you can see the complete patch notes for both platforms:

Change List
• Fixed an issue that could result in a very uneven number of players at the start of a round.
• Made improvements to matchmaking with a full squad which should result in less disconnects.
• In some cases, the revive functionality would suddenly stop to function for all of the players on a server. This has now been fixed.
• Further improvements to game client stability have been made.
• In the Airborne game mode, spawn protection has been added when attackers spawn into planes. The planes are no longer as vulnerable to AA fire as they used to be at longer distances.
• Fixed an issue in Airborne where the bomb carriers could finish arming the objective even though they were dead.
• Players can no longer shoot down airplanes too quickly in Airborne, which could result in the attackers not being able to spawn.
• In War Stories, players are no longer able to collect Letters while playing offline due to them not being able to update the persistence counters, which requires an online connection.
• Fixed an issue where a weapon would disappear on the weapon selection screen.
• Fixed an issue in Frontlines mode on Devastation where the bomb in some rare cases spawned inside a wall.
• Fixed an issue which made the menus unusable when cancelling a matchmaking session.
• Fixed an issue with the lens sight alignment on the MP34 weapon.

Xbox One Only
• Improved how the game resumes when using the Xbox One Instant-On function.

PC Only
• RTX ray tracing can now be enabled with graphics cards that support this function.

For more on what this year's Battlefield game has to offer check out our review and/or watch the livestream replay below.

Battlefield VBattlefield VBattlefield V
Have you started playing the game by any chance?

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