Sand Land

This is what Sand Land sounds like in English

Beelzebub speaks glorious English in a new video from Bandai Namco.

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We have got quite a few Sand Land trailers during the last couple of weeks as it seems like Bandai Namco has started the hype engines (despite the fact that it doesn't even have a release date yet).

Now it's time for a new one, and this does not focus on characters, action, gameplay, world building, music or anything like that, but rather the English language. The seems like the voices for the characters have now been recorded and in the video below we get a sample of what Beelzebub sounds like in the west.

Take a good look at the video below with the volume on and tell us what you think about the English voices. If you want to listen to the original Japanese version, you can find it over here.

Sand Land

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