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"This grass is good": all about FIFA 23's graphics improvements

Gamereactor interviews Fab Muoio at EA Vancouver to learn more about the last FIFA's audiovisual presentation.

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For the past couple of weeks and after our visit to EA Vancouver we've been talking all things FIFA 23, including hands-on impressions, HyperMotion2-powered gameplay, Career Mode or World Cups, not to mention cross-play and PC version upgrade. But now it's time to talk about graphics, as it's one of the single best improvements you'll find this season, especially if we talk about the turf.

"We've made amazing enhancements to the pitch this year", Fab Muoio, Senior Art Director, Broadcast Experience tells Gamereactor in the exclusive interview below. "We've rewritten some of our shaders to provide an update to some of the colours, even the grass length, we've been able to also enhance some of the particle effects and ensure that there is actual pitch wear and degradation that we see over time and that builds over time. So, the amount of detail that we see is incredible now with every blade of grass, from multiple camera angles. And what really brings the pitch to life is just the new depth that we see and just how further connected the players and the ball are with the plain surface".

As we were able to attest during our hands-on time, it's not just the graphical glare, but how this, together with the improved tactical dribbling, make players feel more grounded and less floaty than it's been the case traditionally with FIFA. But of course it's there as part of the spectacle:

"For the pitch wear and degradation one of the things that's very exciting is... the knee slides celebration or a tackle celebration that we see during the game actually remains there on the pitch throughout the course of the game", stresses Muoio. "So, say I score an amazing goal and I do a knee slide in the first half, I'll still see the remnants of that knee slide in the second half and, really, altogether that just builds a sense of having this pitch as a living, breathing piece of the environment this year".

To learn more about stats-and-AR-enhanced replays, chants & ambient, and more, play on the full interview.


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