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Hunt: Showdown

Things are hotting up in Hunt: Showdown

New Immolator enemy class should spice things up in Crytek's two-player shooter.

Crytek just lifted the lid on the latest major update to land for Hunt: Showdown, and it brings with it a potentially dynamic-changing enemy class called the Immolator. The studio actually goes into a lot of depth about the design of the new AI enemy in this blog so if you want to know how these flaming terrors are going to change things up, you should definitely head over. If you'd prefer the quick-fire version; the Immolator is the first new bipedal AI class to hit the game since launch, and they're an aggressive addition that'll be charging at players when they get too close.

On top of that, new day/night times have been added to both maps, and playing on Lawson Delta is now an option if you select quickplay. A new pistol, Bornheim No. 3, has also been added, along with a bunch of additional gameplay tweaks that have been detailed here. Having said all that, the new Immolator class is clearly the big new addition to Crytek's game, and you can see it in action in the trailer below.

Finally, as confirmed yesterday, Hunt: Showdown is heading to Xbox One this spring, and you can read more about that here.

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