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Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park should be coming to Nintendo Switch

Ron Gilbert confirms that it will be ported "as soon as we can".

We were recently lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with renowned game developer Ron Gilbert, and during his visit to Germany we discussed many things including the potential release of Thimbleweed Park on Nintendo's soon-to-be-released console, the Switch. Here's what Gilbert had to say on the matter:

"We're gonna be on Xbox One at launch, so we'll be on that console. Microsoft has a three month console exclusive. So as soon as that period is up, we'll port it to the PlayStation, and I would love to be on the Nintendo, I'd love to be there," he told us.

Gilbert then added some insight as to why a Switch version hasn't already been confirmed:

"Nintendo is not particularly good at working with small developers and publishers, initially, it's like they like to go out to the big publishers, and then they kind of after maybe a year or so then they kind of let a lot of smaller things in. So we are definitely talking to Nintendo and as soon as we can do it, we will definitely port it..."

There you have it; Thimbleweed Park is very likely heading to Nintendo Switch, and the nostalgia-tinged adventure game should hopefully make the jump as soon as the studio can make it happen. Now all we need is an official announcement.

Thimbleweed Park