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NBA 2K17

Thierry Henry will be playable in NBA 2K17

Yes, you read that right.

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NBA 2K17 will feature football icon Thierry Henry, 2K has announced, and will be a regular court-side star during the home games of the San Antonio Spurs.

In the Blacktop mode, which allows for different types of basketball games like 1v1 and 5v5, Henry is also a playable character as well.

"Being a basketball and NBA fan since I was a kid, I'm honoured to be the first football player ever to be playable in NBA 2K17," said the man himself. "Seeing myself go toe to toe with the legends of the sport is an amazing feeling."

The NBA 2K17 Prelude is also available to download now on Xbox and PS4 allowing players to choose which college they play for in their career, carrying the progress over to the main game when it's released on September 16.

NBA 2K17
NBA 2K17NBA 2K17NBA 2K17

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