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Dragon Age 4

There's a new Dragon Age in the works

Sunless Sea writer confirms that he's working on one part of the story.

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It's not a huge surprise to hear that Bioware is working on a follow-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition, but fans of the fantasy RPG series will still no doubt be delighted to hear that work is underway on a fourth game.

The news comes via Alexis Kennedy, the co-creator of Sunless Sea and now a freelance writer working with Bioware on a "segregated" part of the lore that's set to feature in the next game in the series. In an interview with Eurogamer, Kennedy outlined his contribution:

"I have been given considerable autonomy to work on a storyline bit of lore which is well-segregated from other parts of the game," he told the site, before later adding, "It's nothing that grandiose, but it is distinct. It's a bit of lore which has not been addressed much to date in Dragon Age."

During the interview, Kennedy also elaborated a little on his working relationship with the studio, how he is based in the UK and juggles childcare with calls to Edmonton, Canada. If you're interested in the writing side of game development, it's worth a read, even if it doesn't reveal that much about the still unannounced game. Maybe we'll hear more about Bioware's fantasy project at E3 next month?

Dragon Age 4

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