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There's a Firewatch feature film in the works

In fact, it's an old project that has recently been resurrected.

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Firewatch is an intriguing and enigmatic narrative-driven game about a guy called Henry who gets wrapped up in a mysterious adventure while working as a fire lookout in Wyoming in the late '80s. It made a positive impression on us when it first landed back in 2016, and it's going to get another chance to impress when the game is adapted into a feature film.

As per a report over on The Hollywood Reporter, it's actually the second time that a studio has looked to adapt the game into a film, although the first project fell through. That has left the field open for Snoot Entertainment and producers Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder.

Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman had nice things to say about the pair, calling them "hard-working and visionary film producers with impeccable taste in video games."

"Not unlike when we met Joe Drake and the team at Good Universe in 2016, we knew in our first conversation with Jess and Keith that they'd make great partners. We have no doubt in their expertise, their taste and their passion and assume that our experience as so-so game developers will make us first-rate producing partners."

There's no word on who might star in the film, nor when we can expect to see, so stay tuned for more details further down the line.


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