There won't be a new mini console from Sega this year

Don't expect a mini Saturn or Dreamcast in 2024.

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Nintendo may have started the mini console trend, but it's Sega who has released the best one yet with its critically acclaimed Mega Drive Mini II, which was launched in a sadly limited edition two years ago.

Now many hope that Sega will come to its senses and produce more units, as well as launching a mini-Saturn and the wildly popular mini-Dreamcast. It doesn't seem unlikely that they'll come eventually (although they'll have very different performance and storage requirements) - but we shouldn't expect them any time soon.

Sega legend and producer Yosuke Okunari writes on X that "I don't have anything to announce this year either" (translated by Bing) regarding new mini-consoles.

Time Extension reminds us that Sega previously conducted a poll about which mini console people want next, where Saturn won. But Sega boss Yukio Sagano has highlighted the challenges of this, saying "the Sega Saturn is surprisingly high performance, so the difficulty of miniaturization is [...] high."

In short, we'll have to keep waiting. How interested would you be in a mini-Saturn?

There won't be a new mini console from Sega this year

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