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There is "definitely potential" for a Formula E game

The all-electric motorsport is in a state of hyper-growth but isn't ruling out its own video game in the future.

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Despite being a young motorsport, Formula E has grown significantly in its eight seasons, and has become a global motorsport thanks to various E-Prix events held all over the planet. While Formula E is in a state of hyper-growth right now, and has favoured licensing its IP to existing games and projects, as part of a chat we had with Kieran Holmes-Darby, the gaming director at Formula E, we were told that an official game isn't out of the question.

"It's definitely always an ongoing conversation," said Holmes-Darby. "It was one of the first things put on my desk when I joined, you know "let's make our own game!" It's definitely always in the works is what I'd say, but there's a timing piece, when actually makes sense to do that, and I think at the moment going back to being in a hyper-growth state and really trying to engage a new audience, is releasing your own game the best way to do that, or is ultimately licensing your IP into existing game titles that have big audiences a better play for Formula E right now? Strategically, I would go with the latter right now, but I would never write off us doing our own game because there is definitely potential for that in the future."

Formula E and its esports scene, Accelerate is currently played on rFactor 2, but considering the relationship the motorsport has had with other racing games, such as Forza Motorsport 6 & 7, we asked Darby about whether Formula E could be popping up in the upcoming Forza Motorsport when it launches in early 2023.

"Without divulging my entire business development plan to you, we're always open to working with the biggest and best game developers in the space of brilliant motorsport titles. Like I said, we're looking for those game developers that can leverage our IP in exciting ways and create exciting activation opportunities for new fans and to bring new fans into the sport, but also providing their current players exciting IP that's different to something they've had before. We're always looking at those."

You can check out our full interview with Holmes-Darby right here.

There is "definitely potential" for a Formula E game

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