The Xbox Series X "in more countries than Xbox One at launch"

According to Xbox France's Ina Gelbert, we can expect the Series X to land in at least 14 territories later this year.

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The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of people wonder if they are going to be able to play on next-gen hardware at the end of this year, with the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles both due to drop during the holiday period.

It seems that French players won't have too much to worry about though, as France is going to be one of the priority countries when it comes to the Series X and its launch later this year, with Microsoft planning on rolling out the console in more territories than it did the last time around.

Here is what the director of Xbox France, Ina Gelbert, had to say when she was asked about it by our colleagues over at Xboxygen:

"We want the Xbox Series X to be available in more countries than the Xbox One at launch. I don't see any risk for France, in no way shape or form."

Xbox One originally launched in just 13 countries after the launch plans in several territories were hit by delays, and that was back before we had any global pandemics to worry about. While Microsoft hasn't said how many countries can expect to get the Xbox Series X at launch, it seems as though the platform holder is confident of beating the total achieved when the Xbox One launched back in 2013.

If you want to know more about Xbox Series X, head this way, and head over here if you want to see the first round of gameplay trailers that Microsoft shared a few days ago.

The Xbox Series X "in more countries than Xbox One at launch"

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