The Xbox Series opened with a bang in the UK

It marked the strongest console launch for Microsoft in the region.

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The Xbox Series X and S launched worldwide last week and now sales figures are beginning to emerge painting a picture of their success. According to VGC, the Xbox Series sold 155,000 units in the UK, which beats the manufacturer's previous record held by the Xbox One. The Xbox One, which launched in 2013, managed to achieve 150,000 over the course of two days. This result is especially impressive considering the current global situation, and the decline in popularity Microsoft suffered last generation.

VGC also reports that, although it may be a solid opening for the company, it is still far from breaking launch records in the UK. The PS4 currently holds the record for the strongest console opening in the UK, as it managed to sell 250,000 units in its first two days.

Can Sony surpass its previous record with the PS5? We will have to wait until the figures from its launch start to emerge.

The Xbox Series opened with a bang in the UK

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