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The Xbox beta app on PC has added mod support

The Xbox (Beta) application on PC has officially added mod support following a recent redesign update.

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Those utilising the Xbox 'play anywhere' initiative can now look forward to mods coming to the Xbox application on PC. The news comes via Windows Central, which spotted the new addition of mod support on a singular game on the Xbox (Beta) application, namely Into the Breach following the app revamp. While the selection seems pretty sparse at the moment, it's exciting to see that it's being implemented.

So far, there seems to not be a store page for mods specifically, but that could easily be explained to be due to the lack of mods and games so early on in the implementation process. Instead, one has to go to the game's store page and click "enable mods" which then lets you access the file structure of the game. Read more here.

The Xbox beta app on PC has added mod support

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