Street Fighter V

The worst karate warrior ever is coming to Street Fighter V

Widely thought to be a parody of SNK's Robert Garcia, Dan Hibiki is coming to Street Fighter V soon.

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If you know your Street Fighter, you are probably aware that there are few things more embarrassing than being beaten up by Dan Hibiki. He might not be an entirely household name outside the fighting community, but he joined the Street Fighter series in Alpha series, and is widely thought to be a parody of SNK's fighter Robert Garcia.

He has his own karate style (Saikyo-style karate) which lacks in... well, everything. Of course, this has made Hibiki a cult character and it is thus perhaps not so surprising after all to see him being back for more bruises in Street Fighter V. The producer Shuhei Matsumoto confirmed this on Twitter in a short video, and says that Hibiki will join the battle sometime in February.

Are you a Dan Hibiki player yourself?

Street Fighter V

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