The world's first global university Valorant tournament has been announced

The Red Bull Campus Clutch features students from more than 50 unique countries.

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The world's first global university Valorant tournament has been announced, featuring the opportunity for more than 50 universities around the globe to compete. The Red Bull Campus Clutch as it is called is currently signing up competitors, to be able to compete for a shot at a range of prizes, including a 20,000 Euro cash prize.

Once sign-ups are complete, the Qualifiers will begin in February, lasting all the way until May 23. Following this, National Championships will take place, where the winners will head to the main event, the World Final. This portion of the tournament will see the best of the best compete for a chance to win a "cutting-edge gaming hub" for their university, as well as the 20,000 Euro prize for the winning team, and an opportunity to experience the Valorant Masters - part of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour.

If you are still enrolled at a university and think you have what it takes, you can sign up for a spot in the Red Bull Campus Clutch right here, where you can also find further information regarding how the Qualifiers will take place in your region.


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