Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Witness awaits in Destiny 2: The Final Shape's launch trailer

We're a week away from the expansion arriving.

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Destiny 2 fans are no doubt beginning to rock in anticipation as following an extended Season of the Wish, we're now a week away from Destiny 2: The Final Shape making its arrival.

With that expansion almost here, Bungie has released the launch trailer for the expansion, giving us a further glimpse and teaser of the coming battle for the Traveler that Guardians will be diving into very soon.

While you can see that trailer below, don't forget to put your hours into Destiny 2 this week, particularly in the Into the Light Onslaught mode, as Bungie has massively increased the chances that one of the rare and powerful shiny variants of BRAVE weapons will drop for you while you're working through waves of enemies in the mode.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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