The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart a story of "childhood escapism"

During GDC 2019 we caught up with Chris Sumsky of Moonlight Kids to talk about their upcoming title, driven by its narrative.

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While we were at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco we talked with Chris Sumsky - co-founder of Moonlight Kids - about the upcoming title The Wild at Heart, and he gave us an insight into what the title is about, as it's an "action adventure game about childhood escapism".

The game, which features a heavy-hitting story, will see protagonist Wake finding himself in an unusual place filled with strange creatures which were "inspired by Pikmin", as Sumsky said. The creatures, who are tasked with protecting the realm, invite Wake to their town and in the end "getting home becomes second in priority to helping the natives, kind of like a coming of age story".

As for how the game will play, said that "right now, if you played the demo, it would be more on the puzzle side but there is combat, we are leaning more towards the puzzle side though". The Wild at Heart will task players to utilise the skill sets of these creatures in order to further the storyline of the game, like using them to tackle spiky objects they're immune to.

The game's art style is also very interesting, and Sumsky defined it as "going for that storybook art style; quirky, whimsical, nostalgic, with lots of detail". As for when we can expect to see this in action, the release is "not this year, we're not announcing anything official yet, but we are targeting PC, Mac, and Xbox".

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The Wild at Heart

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