Alan Wake 2

The wait for Alan Wake 3 will be shorter

Remedy: Alan Wake will get a "more regular cadence of sequels".

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We know there are many of you who are eagerly awaiting expansions to the masterful Alan Wake 2. But then what? There were 14 years between Alan Wake and the sequel, does that mean Alan Wake 3 won't arrive until 2037 (it's almost hard to imagine what the world will even look like then)?

No, fortunately that doesn't seem to be the case and when Remedy released their financial report yesterday, they had a clear message that Alan Wake fans will appreciate. The series is now considered an established one and we can look forward to more regular titles with the mysterious author. CEO Tero Virtala said:

"With Alan Wake and Control we now have two established franchises, and our ambition is to grow them into franchises that have high brand recognition, steadily growing user base, more regular cadence of sequels and an ability to generate revenues and profits at a high level."

Of course, this does not mean that we should expect a sequel in the next few years. First, DLC will be released, and Remedy usually takes its time. However, it should be able to premiere before 2030 at least, or what do you think?

Alan Wake 2

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