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The Walking Dead

The voices of The Walking Dead

We talk to "sound guy" Jory Prum about recording voices for The Walking Dead and other Telltale titles.

Jory Prum was the "sound guy" who recorded all the voices in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead and in this interview he goes on to detail some of the work that went into the sound production, working with the actors and what he'd like to do next (more Monkey Island, that's what).

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"The actors are amazing. Almost every actor that we've worked with is really amazing. A lot of them are people I've worked with for a long time now. We've done with Telltale I think it's around 75 titles over the last nine years. About a half million lines of dialogue across all the gmaes I've worked on in the last nine years. And it's like family. These are my close friends I go out and hang out with them and get drinks. You know, sometimes. When we finished up with The Walking Dead after the last day of recording Lee we actually all got together for thai food."

"Personally I want to do more Monkey Island. I just don't know if that will ever happen because I'm not privy to that information. Bring back more Monkey! I grew up on the adventure games, and that's really my type of game and I played all the Sierra On-Line games for example."

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