The voice of Sir Daniel to return in Medieval Remastered?

That's what an odd photo on Twitter suggests.

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Not long ago, we reported that new information on Medievil Remastered was set to be revealed soon. In line with this, Jay Gunn, also called Jason Wilson, is not only the co-creator of the MediEvil series, but he also voiced Sir Daniel, the main character of these adventures.

Recently, Wilson who is a comic book author these days posted tweet a strange photo with him reading with a bucket on his head accompanied by this sentence:
"The things that I do to prepare for some jobs."


The reference is actually very subtle because it refers to an interview given in October 2006 at The Dan-Fanclub in which he said: "I wrote a script for what Dan [Sir Daniel] actually says and then just read the lines through gritted teeth with a bucket over my head!"

We can, therefore, assume that Jason Wilson will return to re-record the lines for the remaster?


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