Dying Light

The Vikings are invading Dying Light

Bring the fury of the North to Techland's zombie title.

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Dying Light has recently received a new update bringing none other than Vikings to the zombie slaying title. The new bundle, Viking: Raiders of Harran will be introducing not only Björn the Warrior and Björn the Berserker as two new characters, but also several new weapons for you to wreak havoc on the undead.

The weapons will see players able to use Ragnarök, a double-handed heavy axe, The Aesir, a new one-handed sword, and also Asgard's Protector, a new Viking shield. All three weapons will have come in two variants, allowing you to either inflict fire damage to the undead, or instead the option to simply upgrade it with craftable mods.

Likewise, the bundle will be adding the Berserker's buggy skins, Reinen and Fiery Reinen. These skins will turn your beloved 'Earth-boats' into Viking ship looking automobiles.

You can currently get your hands on the Viking: Raiders of Harran bundle today in Dying Light on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, for the price of $3.99.

Dying Light

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